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Below are some other websites which may be of interest to those who wish
to find out more about the wartime activities at RAF Tempsford

In honourable memory of those many Canadian airmen (whether RCAF or RAF) who served with 138 and 161 squadrons at RAF Tempsford, we are proud to be linked to the Air Force Association of Canada (formerly the Royal Canadian Air Force Association).
Click on the crest to visit their website.

By clicking on the button the the left, you'll visit Bob Body's newly revamped and expanded website about the Tempsford 138 and 161 Squadrons, packed with facts and a moving tribute gallery of aircrew who never returned. Bob, whose uncle, Flt. Lt. Menzies, was killed in action in July 1944, flying a 161 Squadron Hudson from RAF Tempsford, has written an excellent book, "Taking the Wings of the Morning", detailing the last, fateful mission his uncle flew to Holland on, and the amazing story of the recovery of the aircraft from the Isselmeer in the 1990s. Click on the book cover on the right, to learn more about and order this fascinating and thoroughly researched book.
The Wheatsheaf in Tempsford has many historical links with the events at the airfield during the war, as a favourite "watering hole" for the aircrews. The proprietors are keen to keep the links going and have information about the events at RAF Tempsford displayed throughout the pub / restaurant. The Wheatsheaf is where the reunions usually progress to, after the formal commemorative events at the airfield are over.
There have been a number of books written about the events at Tempsford, but perhaps none more accurate (or as exhaustive on cataloguing all the missions of 161 Squadron) than "WE LANDED BY MOONLIGHT", published by Crecy Publishing Ltd, written by Hugh Verity, himself one of the Lysander pilots who flew missions into occupied Europe many times.

The Wartime Memories Project seeks to record memories of those who lived through the war and there is a special page for those who served at RAF Tempsford to record either their own recollections or to record memories told by now deceased family members who had served at Tempsford. An important historical record.

Another website created to collate for posterity, the memories of those who lived through the dark days of the WW2, is the Second World War Experience Centre. This site has at least two or three pages dedicated to the RAF "Special Operations" Click on the symbol (right) to visit the page that talks about a few aircrew member's recollections of Tempsford in 1944.

A website that we have just learned about, and delighted to provide a link to is this one, with fascinating stories about the resistance movement in Norway throughout the war, with first hand accounts, some of which had strong links with the Norwegian Section of SOE based at Tempsford and whose stories will also hopefully soon appear on their website. (Click on the sign on the left)
The Harrington Airfield Museum in Northamptonshire was also involved with these night time clandestine missions into occupied Europe and within their website they have detailed a chronological history of RAF Tempsford. Click on their logo to visit their website
We cannot hope to record all the actions and losses from RAF Tempsford, so where others have provided further information on particular 138 and 161 Squadron aircraft missions, we are glad to link across, as here with Frans Lucas from Engelen in the Netherlands, whose site provides a memorial and information about the last flight of 161 Squadron Halifax LL388 on 28th August 1944 (click on the diagram to visit)
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission provides a tremendous searchable database of all British and British Commonwealth servicemen and women who lost their lives in the twentieth century. If you know the name, approximate date of death and which service they were in, you should be able to find where they now lie and a short paragraph on the action they were involved in. Click on the stone (left) to visit.

Other than the public footpaths, Tempsford Airfield is a private airfield and as such not open to the public. Where possible small groups of visitors may be allowed access but only by prior arrangement. Anyone wishing to visit the airfield buildings (INCLUDING the Gibraltar Farm Barn) must either telephone or to get permission to do so beforehand.

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