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Since I created these few webpages, many people have left messages in the Guestbook. Some of these messages are from veterans of Tempsford, others are from relatives of those who never returned. For reference, I have created these pages (one for each year) on which all such important messages will appear as a special archive.

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At the end of November, we received a request from Roger in France, for assistance in finding relatives of a Canadian airman, killed on the night 22 May 1944 when a Whitley bomber crashed in Normandy (witnessed by Roger). All the crew were killed, but during the crash investigation at the time, a ring was found. Since then the French have tried (in vain) to find relatives of the Canadian airman (Sgt W.G. Harris), even (as right) having local newspapers publishing the story. Following this request and with the tremendous help of our friends in Canada (especially Shirley Stone in Picton plus Cliff Johnson and Ann from Grand Valley, Ontario), the brother and sister of Sgt Harris have been found in Canada. It was the first they had heard of their long lost brother for 60 years. The French village and the Canadian family are now in contact and some of the family will be travelling to France to finally take the ring back home to Canada.
The family in Canada still had this photo of W.G. "Buck" Harris and the telegram they received in 1944 (right), informing them of his loss over France, little knowing that along with the rest of the crew, he is (to this day) commemorated on a Canadian Air Force memorial in Normandy, France.

We are delighted to have played a (very) small part in the search and discovery of the living relatives and the link between Ontario, Canada and Sées in France that this has now, 60 years on, resulted in.

A big thanks to the "sleuths" of Picton and Grand Valley, Ontario !

Name of sender: Derek
Where in the World ?: Lancashire
Date of Message: 2nd December 2003
Message: Had a great day at the barn on the 9th . Took 7 years of research to find uncle Doug's details and trace surviving members of the crew. Stirling EE944 crashed at Tempsford 5th March after SOE Op . They died for my freedom .

Name of sender: Shirley Stone
Where in the World ?: Canada
Date of Message: 3rd December 2003
Message: I found your website today when searching for information about my cousin who was with the RAF and SOE F Section.

I don't know from where he flew, but he was blind-dropped at Tours on June 27/28, 1942. He was head of the MONKEYPUZZLE circuit and his codename was 'Gaspard'. He was brought out in mid-March 1943. The circuit had problems and never really got going. He spent the war in London with SOE in training and in liaison with F and RF Sections.

Maybe some of the persons who check your messages will remember him?

Bob Body has supplied a large amount of information arising from this enquiry, including confirmation that Shirley's cousin did, indeed, fly out from Tempsford, but are there any personal recollections out there by anyone ?

Name of sender: Sarah
Where in the World ?: Telford.
Date of Message: 7th November 2003
Message: : I am trying to find information about my Grandfather F/Sgt George Letts. I know his plane was shot down on 23 February 1945 after taking off from RAF Tempsford. I would be grateful if anyone has any information about him.

Name of sender: Johnny Potharst
Where in the World ?: Netherlands.
Date of Message: 5th November 2003
Message: : I am searching for pictures of J.Polnik Flying Officer pilot of 138 sqn who crashed at 12-05-1943 during op. LEEK 7.

Name of sender: Robert
Where in the World ?: Bedford, England.
Date of Message: 5th November 2003
Message: : My father, Flight Serg. Charles Chapman has recently passed away. He never talked in detail about his experiences with 138 squadron at Tempsford. I believe he was involved in SOE operations in Yugoslavia which he was unable to discuss with any of his family.

Name of sender: Tony Gigli
Where in the World ?: England.
Date of Message: 20 October 2003
Message: : My father Tony (Ben) Gigli served in 161 squadron as an Air Gunner on Stirlings 1943-1945. Does his name ring a bell with old comrades? He died at the age of 76 in Jan 2000.

Name of sender: Leos Anderle
Where in the World ?: Carmel, California. U.S.A.
Date of Message: 18 October 2003
Message: : My father of the same name was in 138. Sqdn. He was shot down and killed in North Africa, just before I was born.I was hoping to find out some information about him, maybe if there is anyone still alive from his squadron from that time ?
Bob Body has supplied a large amount of information arising from this enquiry, none of which had previously been known by the enquirer.

Name of sender: Felix
Where in the World ?: Ontario, Canada
Date of Message: 16 October 2003
Message: : Good to see the old airfield

Name of sender: Libbe van der Harst
Where in the World ?: The Netherlands
Date of Message: 8 October 2003
Message: : Informative site - great work. I encountered the site on my search for data on Squadron Leader R.P.Wilkin DFC (RCAF) He and his crew failed to return from a mission to Holland. (Halifax DG 252 / NF-B / 138 Sqd.), mission date September 19/20 - 1943. His Halifax crashed in the sea (North?). The 5 man crew did not survive. I am in search for additional data on R.P.Wilkin (and his crew). All info. will of course be appreciated. Kind Regards, Libbe van der Harst.

Steve Harris writes.... We have helped Libbe get in contact with the relatives of at least one of the crew.

Name of sender: Geoffrey
Where in the World ?: Bedford
Date of Message: 4 October 2003
Message: : We came across the barn by accident whilst out walking and were very moved by our visit. Thank you for the information, which I have passed on to other interested parties.

Name of sender: Ali
Where in the World ?: London
Date of Message: 27 September 2003
Message: : I am interested to hear from anyone who might have known my Great Uncle, FO Thomas Noble 113393 who was based at Tempsford from November 1942 to 14th May 1943 when his plane - Halifax BB328 - crashed in France on operation Physician (or Prosper?).

Name of sender: Alan
Where in the World ?: Filey, N. Yorkshire
Date of Message: 2 September 2003
Message: : First time I have found info on my grandfarthers squadron.Any other info on,Flt Engr Stanley Boothroyd,who was killed someware over Holland on 22 May 1943 would be very much appreciated.

Bob Body writes... F/Fng Boothroyd 21-22 May 1943 138 Sqdn Halifax II BB329 NF-Z Took off Tempsford on Operation Marrow 35/36 which was part of the Nordpol Spiel series of flights. Crashed 0200 on a polder at Noordbeemster (Noord Holland), 14 km ESE of Alkmar

Name of sender: Pamela
Where in the World ?: England
Date of Message: 27 July 2003
Message: : What an interesting website. My mothers first husband w/o Dennis Withers flew from Tempsford until being lost on the Lockheed Hudson FK790 over Holland, which is mentioned in your website. Thank you for taking the trouble to put such an interesting account on the web.

Name of sender: Alex
Where in the World ?: London, England
Date of Message: 20 July 2003
Message: I am researching Squadron Leader Reginald Eric Wilkinson (my Uncle), who last flew out of Temsford in November 1944 never to return * any knowledge or particularly photographs * would be most appreciated.

Name of sender: Graham
Where in the World ?: Potton (Near Tempsford)
Date of Message: 14 July 2003
Message: There appears to be evidence of a crash site in Potton Wood which may be Stirling LK207 on 19th October 1944 pilotted by Flt Lt Ross Levy of 161 Squadron, I believe performing clandestine Special Duties for 3 Group out of Tempsford.

Name of sender: Nick
Where in the World ?: UK
Date of Message: 6 July 2003
Message: Thank you for such an interesting website - My generation will never forget all those brave people who so sadly died so that we may live in freedom. God bless all of them.

Name of sender: David Walton
Where in the World ?: Derbyshire, UK
Date of Message: 22 June 2003
Message: My father, Flying Officer W.G.E.Walton, flew from Tempsford until he was killed on Texel in September 1944. I should like to contact anyone who may remember or have heard from him.

Name of sender: Leonard MacFarlane
Where in the World ?: Nipawin, Sask., Canada
Date of Message: 2 June 2003
Message: Ex flying officer with RCAF squadrons 138 and 161, from May 1, 1944 to Aug. 30, 1944 Would love to hear from other squadron members.

I make no apologies for the length of the next message. Read it ! it's important - ed
Name of sender: Alistair Thompson
Where in the World ?: Nottingham, UK
Date of Message: 2 June 2003
Message: I've just returned from a visit to Longue in France where my family attended a service for airmen who had died when their plane crashed just outside the village.

There is an immaculately kept memorial in memory of the five men who died in the crash, two survived and were helped by the young woman who lived in the farm next to the crash site (she still lives there and we were privileged to meet her). The service was attended by around 100 local people and a few from England (Calverton twinning assocoation). It was moving to see so many people remembering those who died in the war.

The aircraft was a Halifax V from 138 squadron with markings LL289 NF-P. The five crew are buried in the local cemetry in Longue, they are:

Sgt DA Page
F/O D Hargreaves
F/S AH Dickel

F/O DA Hayman
F/O JC Fardon

It was a moving ceremony and it made you feel good to know that men who died so far from home are not forgotten and are remembered by the local people. Whilst visiting, the lady who helped the survivors of the crash I was privileged to read documents that she had in her possession that described what had happened and she also had a letter from the fiance of one of the dead airmen thanking her for trying to help them. One of the documents describing the events went as follows (from memory)...

The plane was returning from dropping supplies to the French resistance and was flying at 500 feet over Saumur when it was hit in the port engines by ack ack fire (it was described as a mobile unit). The port engines were on fire and the plane was losing hieght. The plane did a U turn over Longue (about 10Km from Saumur) and crashed next to the farm. The tail broke off ending up 30 yards from the plane, the tail gunner survived. The port wing also broke off and the second survivor managed to escape through the gap in the fuselage. Fire was causing the ammunition to go off and there were bullets flying all around. The two men were helped by the woman from the farm, the airman who escaped from the fuselage was badly burnt and was taken to hospital by the germans, the other was made a POW. I understand there is one survivor and that he lives in Kelso.

I spoke to a few local men who remember the crash and they speak very passionately about it. Some things will never be forgotten. I think it's important that people realise that those brave young men that died that night in a remote field are not forgotten. The local people make sure that they are remembered and that the memorial is kept in imaculate condition.

Name of sender: Geoff Sturtivant
Where in the World ?: Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire, England
Date of Message: 18 April 2003
Message: Nice website! We cycled to the barn today and I explained the history to my two sons!

Name of sender: Tony & Linda Fowkes
Where in the World ?: Bedford, England
Date of Message: 18 April 2003
Message: We are particularly interested in the inspiring story of Violette Szabo . We have visited the barn at Tempsford , it is very moving to see the tributes . Linda has recently attended a friend's funeral. Violette's poem was read out.

Name of sender: Peter
Where in the World ?: Suffolk, England
Date of Message: 16 April 2003
Message: : I am searching for details of Sgt. F.Mowles, a flight engineer of 161 Squadron who was killed 14/3/43. Also any information on his aircraft Captain, F/Lt. A.E.Prior. Thanks in advance.

Name of sender: Jason Laing
Where in the World ?: England
Date of Message: 28 March 2003
Message: My grandfather George Jones served with 138 squadron during 1943 before being shot down near Denmark. I would love to hear from anybody who may know him.

Name of sender: Vera Cox
Where in the World ?: Gloucestershire, England
Date of Message: 21 March 2003
Message: I was stationed at Tempsford 1942- 1946 as a WRAAF. My husband Doug Pearce was also stationed there as a corporal fitter 2E working on 138 squadron (special operations) from 1941 to 1944. Any contact via alan.blick@btopenworld.com

Name of sender: Tony
Where in the World ?: England
Date of Message: 16 March 2003
Message: I have a friend,an old gentleman of 82 years old named Robert (Bob) Ritchie who has told me that he was a Gunner with 161 Squadron. I would be grateful for any information concerning his friends or Crew. . Thank you .

Name of sender: Denis
Where in the World ?: England
Date of Message: 14 March 2003
Message: I would like to research the site more fully, especially in respect of Ron Hockey. He flew the mission to eliminate Heydrich. I had the privilege of meeting him once.

Name of sender: Eileen
Where in the World ?: Fleet, Hampshire
Date of Message: 16 January 2003
Message: I served here from 1942/43 as a cypher officer so finding the site was a fantastic way to remember those days. Thank you .

Name of sender: Robin
Where in the World ?: Rugby, Warwickshire, England
Date of Message: 13 January 2003
Message: My wife's aunt talks a lot about Tempsford; she served as a waitresss in the officer's mess during the war. She met her future husband there (sadly now deceased). Tonight, I keyed in Tempsford on the search engine and am amazed by the history of Tempsford.

Name of sender: Chris
Where in the World ?: Cranfield, Bedfordshire
Date of Message: January 2003
Message: My wife and I went for a walk around Everton. We visited Gibraltar Barn and I found it one of the most poignant experiences of my life. A simple memorial to some incredibly brave men and women, made particularly emotional by its sheer lack of frills.

Name of sender: Desmond
Where in the World ?: Ottawa, Canada
Date of Message: 14 February 2003
Message: The info on Tempsford was very interesting to me as my cousin left your base for France. Unfortunately, he was captured when he tried to help an SAS group who had been in a firefight with German troops. Taken to Buchenwald, he was executed. A very brave man.

Name of sender: Bill
Where in the World ?: Atlanta, Georgia USA
Date of Message: 15 February 2003
Message: I am a WWII vet and in 2001 Iwrote a book, The Road He Chose, about OSS agents who entered France before D-Day,flying in from Tempsford (See www.TheRoadHeChose.com)

Name of sender: Tony
Where in the World ?: Tempsford, Bedfordshire
Date of Message: 5 March 2003
Message: I visit Gibraltar Farm regularly - it is a moving experience especially today with the threat of another war hanging over us.

Name of sender: Roger
Where in the World ?: Aberdeen, Scotland
Date of Message: 1st January 2002
Message: My uncle died in 1942 while working out of Tempsford. Am now trying to find out a bit more about what he was involved in during the war.

Name of sender: Davina Engelman
Where in the World ?: Austalia
Date of Message: 1st January 2002
Message: Steve..A MARVELLOUS website-I am thrilled - Your site has restored my Father to me - Sgt E Markson 2211419. 161 Squadron. Aircraft crashed near Cugny France all the crew killed, Aircraft Halifax. He was lost with all the Crew on the night of August 8/9th 1944 from Tempsford. I did not know anything of his activities and grew up wishing I could solve the mystery.

Name of sender: Xavier
Where in the World ?: France
Date of Message: 23 March 2002
Message: Jane Verity, désolé entendre parler de la morte de votre père. Je lui doivent une grande dette.
[I have left the above message untranslated - it conveys more that way.... - ed]

Name of sender: Philip
Where in the World ?: Johannesburg, South Africa
Date of Message: 22 January 2002
Message: A very informative site.One can only admire the courage of the agents of S.O.E.May the the souls of those who lost their lives R.I.P.

Name of sender: Richard
Where in the World ?: U.K.
Date of Message: 2nd May 2002
Message: My Father 'Sid' Firth served as Engineer Oficer with 138 sqdn. Also, my first name Richard is named after Richard 'Dick' Wilkin RCAF (a very good friend of my Father's),who flew with 138 and was killed returning from Poland when his Halifax was shot down

Name of sender: Nick Gilman
Where in the World ?: Kent, England
Date of Message: April 2002
Message: Please contact me if you have any information on Denise GILMAN, girlfriend of British born French Resistance leader Michael TROTOBAS, both killed by the Germans when their house in Lille was raided in November 1943 (Arthur Staggs, the SOE Agent featured on this Website, was Michael Trotobas' Wireless Operator).

Name of sender: Wayne Taggart
Where in the World ?: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Date of Message: June 2002
Message: My father Sgt BD Taggart flew over half of his ops from Tempsford. His Flight from 214 (FMS)Sqn. was assigned to temporary duty with 161 Sqn every month when the moon was right. Where can I find details of these flights to compare with notations in log ?

Name of sender: Alison
Where in the World ?: Devon, England
Date of Message: June 2002
Message: My cousin Roy Buckingham was with the 'moon squadron' known as Buck.
Does anyone remember him?

Name of sender: Sandra
Where in the World ?: London, UK
Date of Message: June 2002
Message: My father, Walter R Farley DFC was, I believe, the first person to return from a Lysander flight and was instrumental in setting up 138 Squadron. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him.

Name of sender: Deborah
Where in the World ?: Manchester, England
Date of Message: July 2002
Message: Recently visited Tempsford and the memorial barn.If only there was something more worthy to pay our respects and lay our memorials in...still a beautiful place

Name of sender: Sam
Where in the World ?: Devon, England
Date of Message: July 2002
Message: A truly excellent web site, found during my quest for further information on "The White Rabbit" - Yeo-Thomas G.C. Thank you for your great work in helping to preserve the memory of those to whom we owe our freedom.

Name of sender: Bohdan
Where in the World ?: Florida, USA
Date of Message: July 2002
Message: Putting together a novel on "Terror and Treason Was Their Game" which includes dropping Joes into Poland

Name of sender: John
Where in the World ?: Portland, Oregon, USA
Date of Message: August 2002
Message: I believe my father, Hank Pokidaniec, served at Tempsford as he frequently told stories of dropping people into occupied Europe. He was in the RCAF and served as a navigator. He credits surviving the war to a broken nose shortly before shipping to Europe.

Name of sender: Herbert Tribble
Where in the World ?: Royston, Hertfordshire, England
Date of Message: August 2002
Message: I was with 161 sqdn at Tempsford 44-45 known as Tribb and an air gunner/ dispatcher. I remember helping to train some of the girls and later dropping them over France I would love to hear from any body that remembers me. GREAT SITE, THANK YOU

Name of sender: Bob Pearson
Where in the World ?: Ipswich, England
Date of Message: October 2002
Message: Superb site dedicated to those who fought for the free world. A lot of hard work has gone in to making this site - thank you. My own interest is in special operations as I am currently compiling material on Norwegian Section SOE
Any information about the Norwegian ops can be e-mailed to us and we'll forward them on to Bob Pearson

Name of sender: Paul Bowerin
Where in the World ?: Bedfordshire, England
Date of Message: October 2002
Message: The barn is on one of my favorite walks. I always stop and remember the bravery of young women and men during WW2. The sense of perspective of life's everyday problems that I gain from paying my repects is a legacy in itself.
Nicely put !

Name of sender: Paul
Where in the World ?: Canada
Date of Message: October 2002
Message: My Uncle, Pilot Officer Louis Max Lavallee (K.I.A. - 23 July 1943, St Sauvier France) 161 Sp Ops Sqn Halifax Bomber. W/Operator was Stan Hathaway. Is there Sqn records of this flight ? Also, could anyone tell me what was the A/C number and markings ? I think it was D .
Paul has now had his questions fully answered. Both he and I would like to thank those (especially John Stynes) who have provided so much information

Name of sender: John Masters
Where in the World ?: London, England
Date of Message: October 2002
Message: My mother served as a WAAF at RAF Tempsford, billeted at the so-called "WAAFerie" in nearby Everton. As a seamstress, she working in the tailor's shop attached to the airfield from 1941 to 1945. She had no idea of the SOE-related operations at Tempsford !
Thanks John, for reminding us that even the servicemen and women, stationed nearby, didn't know what was going on !

Name of sender: Graham Caldwell
Where in the World ?: Devon, England
Date of Message: 2001
Message: We are trying to glean some information about my father's RAF career much of which was based at Tempsford

Name of sender: Iain
Where in the World ?: Everton, Sandy
Date of Message: 2001
Message: I have nearly finished the book - White Rabbit, the name given to Yeo Thomas by his girlfriend, with his efforts he enabled Churchill to improve the SOE effort, unfortunately the networks were so leaky he was captured by the Nazis tortured but survived.

Name of sender: Paul
Where in the World ?: Witley, Surrey, England
Date of Message: 2001
Message: Researching RAF Tempsford on behalf of my friend Alain Antelme of Mauritius. His uncle, Major France Antelme OBE, was an SOE agent dropped into France from Tempsford. On his third operation he was captured by the Germans in 1944 and executed in 1945.

Name of sender: Elaine
Where in the World ?: Utah, USA
Date of Message: 2001
Message: My father served in the RCAF at Tempsford during WW II.

Name of sender: John
Where in the World ?: Suffolk, England
Date of Message: 2001
Message: Relative of 138 Sqn crew member lost May 1944

Name of sender: Roger
Where in the World ?: Guildford, Surrey, England
Date of Message: 2001
Message: My mother Maud was stationed there during the war.

Name of sender: Simon
Where in the World ?: Portsmouth, England
Date of Message: 14th May 2001
Message: I'm trying to collect infomation regarding my grandfather F/Sgt Peter Barton Norris 138 Sqn. He left Tempsford without incident, to take part in operation "marrow 35/36" which was part of the Norpol Spiel series of flights.

Name of sender: Guy
Where in the World ?: Blunham, England
Date of Message: 9th June 2001
Message: My father Roland Poltock was Flight Sgt , 161 Squadron and was involved in special operations. He still lives in Station Road.

Name of sender: John
Where in the World ?: Adelaide, Australia
Date of Message: 16th June 2001
Message: Searching for family of an RCAF Warrant Officer, K.I.A. 28th April 1944 (No.138 Sqn). Ait Bomber in a 7 man crew, all lost (pilot RAAF, my cousin). Halifax LL356, Operation "OSRIC". The RCAF airman was W/O Arthur John George Barnes, of Victoria, BC.
Further message
from John (July 2002):
Late in 2001 we succeeded in locating the family descendants of W/O A J G Barnes. Thus we were all seven families of the seven airmen, at last in contact with each other. Since then all these seven family descendants of the lost No 138 (SD) Squadron RAF crew of Halifax LL356, "NF-U" [Failed To return April 27/28 1944] have met and held a series of commemorations in England and Ottawa during May 2002. This crew consisted of 1 Welshman, 2 Englishmen, 2 Canadians and 2 Australians. Our international Project brought much solace and closure to many people scattered across four countries in three continents.
We also wrote a book telling each of their family background and Air Force stories, and also some of the history of the Special Duties Squadrons who flew out of Tempsford during World War 2 in Europe.
This book was a labour of love, self-published and never undertaken with any commercial purpose in mind. Each family has contributed to it. For those who may wish to learn more about our book, entitled "A Delayed Salute", please look at the Web Page of the publishers:(click here)

Name of sender: Alan
Where in the World ?: Norwich, England
Date of Message: 9th July 2001
Message: My father is Len Fish DFC DFM he would like to contact anyone who flew with him from Tempsford in Whitleys or Halifaxes 138 sqdn.

Name of sender: Ernest
Where in the World ?: Ontario, Canada
Date of Message: 10th July 2001
Message: Knew Wing Command Yeo-Thomas

Name of sender: Des
Where in the World ?: Ottawa, Canada
Date of Message: 16th July 2001
Message: My cousin, Denis Barret, landed twice in France, in 1943 and 1944. While trying to assist an SAS unit which had become surrounded, was captured, and executed in Buchenwald just before wars end.(See story in the Imperial War Museum)

Name of sender: Eric
Where in the World ?: Ontario, Canada
Date of Message: 18th July 2001
Message: I was in allied control commission intelligence section, Germany in 1945 and first interviewd W/Cdr Yeo-Thomas after his release from concentration camp at Detmold base.

Name of sender: James
Where in the World ?: Merseyside, England
Date of Message: 11th August 2001
Message: A very well-illustrated website, with some interesting information on the 138 Squadron of which my late brother was a member- Thomas Noble k.i.a.13/14 May 1943. Thank you for compiling this website.

Name of sender: Graham
Where in the World ?: Devon, England
Date of Message: 2000
Message: I am trying to gain information about my father: William Arthur Caldwell who, I understand was based at Tempsford. He got the DFC (+bar) and I know flew Halifax, Wellingtons etc. If anyone can tell us any more we would be very grateful.

Name of sender: Howie
Where in the World ?: Blunham, England
Date of Message: 2000
Message: I recall seeing all the bombers taking off & landing at the airfield at Tempsford when I was about 15 years old. I also remember the RAF lads enjoying the dances at the Blunham village hall and frequenting the local pubs.

Name of sender: Tony
Where in the World ?: Peterborough, England
Date of Message: 2000
Message: As a serious military historian working on the history of the Jedburgh Teams operating from my home town of Peterborough its of great interest to me to uncover as much information as possible about the Special Squadrons and Airfields used to parachute Jedburghs into enemy territory.

Name of sender: Tina
Where in the World ?: Bronx, New York, USA
Date of Message: 28th August 2001
Message: My Great Uncle George Frederick Nichols flew missions for 138 Squadron in 1944. He was posted to the base as flying officer in August 1944, flew nine missions and failed to return from the December 2nd mission to Denmark. Any information ?
Reply from Alan Horton: Your uncle's aircraft was a Stirling and it was lost without trace on an operation to Denmark. The names of the crew are commemorated on the Runnymede memorial in England.

Name of sender: Leo Sullivan
Where in the World ?: Repentigny (Montreal) Canada
Date of Message: 2nd October 2001
Message: Good web site. I was at Tempsford between Nov. 43 until July 44 with squadron 138. We flew, under captain Baker, 36 operations. We also took part in the Normandy landing from Tempsford. Most of the operations were in southern France. Thank you for the great website.

Name of sender: Rita
Where in the World ?: Toronto, Canada
Date of Message: 27th October 2001
Message: My father, Felix Witrylak, flew with 138 Squadron. I will show the website to him next time he visits. He will love it. Then he will tell stories for hours, which I love to hear.

Name of sender: Geoff Wade
Where in the World ?: Chorley, Lancs., England
Date of Message: 14th November 2001
Message: very interesting,I have been looking for information for years on 138 squadron as my father Sgt/t Thomas Wade was with the squadron during the war. Can anyone give me any info as to why he was mentioned in despatches ?. .

Name of sender: Bob Body
Where in the World ?: Hampshire, England
Date of Message: 21st November 2001
Message: Meant to say that on aircraft page you mention Flt. Menzies DFC. He was my uncle and the reason for the long search.

Name of sender: Frans
Where in the World ?: Engelen, Netherlands
Date of Message: 27th November 2001
Message: Nice site. Good to see that we won't forget what all these brave men and women did for our freedom. I am writing a book on a Halifax that took of from Tempsford and crashed near our village.

Name of sender: Nigel Pocock
Where in the World ?: Hampshire, England
Date of Message: 10th December 2001
Message: My father Tom pocock (navigator)flew with 161 Sqdn, March to Aug 44 (40 missions)Sgt Bennett, pilot in Halifax's Any other info, pictures etc welcome.

Name of sender: Jane Verity
Where in the World ?: U.K. and Hong Kong
Date of Message: 23rd December 2001
Message: Thank you for this website. My father, Hugh Verity died on 14th November 2001.

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